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Prism Manufacturing

Prism continually invest in new technologies both to ensure efficiency and speed are achieved. Only by consistently investing in the latest technology can we continue to enhance our market leading solution.

Prism cabinet manufacturing

CNC Punching

Our philosophy to consistently invest in the very latest technology has put Prism at the forefront of sheet metal manufacturing. Investment is made to automate the process where possible and to ensure manufacturing is carried on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Recent investment has been made in laser cutting technology, giving Prism the ability to manufacture in one operation, components that require both cutting processes.

Metal Forming

Prism continue to invest in automated folding machines, as the need for conventional methods provides restrictions on time and performance.

To compliment the above, training is provided to all staff. Prism has always adopted a multi skilled workforce that can react to any project of size and deadline.

Prism cabinet welding

Key Points

  • Latest technology
  • 24hr 365 days a year manufacturing
  • Fully trained machinists

Prism maintains two fully automated paint plants. The recent addition has enabled us to powder coat at both sites ensuring projects can be completed in tandem where colour variants are required.

cabinet spraying

On-Line Powder Coating

Prism has invested in two fully automated Powder Coating Plants consisting of on-line multi-stage aqueous spray pre-treatment. Both plants benefit from ongoing investment in state-of-the-art powder coating technology and benefit from a 24/7 employed maintenance team to ensure no downtime is experienced.

British manufacturing at Prism

Off-Line Powder Coating

Where limited runs are required or size and finish is not efficient for our on-line facility both sites have off line ovens and powder coating to ensure any product type and finish can be achieved.

The pre-treatment has a full rinse facility and if needed the process can be further enhanced with a final sealer coat stage. Following pre-treatment, the work is passed through a dry off oven to remove all moisture.

The painting step is via a multi colour powder-coating booth with the powder being applied by automatic/manual electrostatic powder applicators.

The powder coating work then passes through air circulating gas fired cure ovens, which will thermoset the powder paint into an aesthetic and hard-wearing surface.

The use of the air circulating heating process ensuring that complex and heavy parts are suitably cured.

Key Points

  • Automated powder coating plants
  • 24/7 employed maintenance
  • Improved efficiency

Environmentally Friendly

The processes employed by Prism are environmentally friendly with the processes being engineered for improved recycling and the pre-treatment chemicals being of the bio-degradable type and the powder paint being a fully compliant coating, as it contains no solvent, the utilisation of powder paint being in excess of 95%.

UK cabinet manufacturing