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Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment 1

The system is based on the principle of complete separation of hot and cold air, by enclosing the cold aisle across the top of the cabinets with roof panels, and both ends of the aisle with sliding doors.

By doing this the cold aisle is treated as an extension of the floor void, reducing hot spots, re-circulation and wild temperature differences. The thermal differential between the top and bottom of racks is reduced to 2 – 3 degrees, optimising the reliability of servers at any position in the rack. Prism also provide 90% vented floor tiles to maximise the air flow into the corridor. The hot air is dispersed into the room to become the hot aisle and returned to the CRAC units.

In the cold aisle the environment is more consistent and 95% of the cold air from the CRAC units is directed through the equipment. This allows the inlet temperature to be increased significantly, saving power and energy consumption, but still allowing the equipment to operate efficiently. Free cooling can be used during a longer period which leads to a considerable reduction of the energy expenditure.

“Reduce hot spots, re-circulation and wild temperature differences”

The Prism system is completely modular and flexible


  • Solid or glass door options
  • Overhead roof solutions
  • Fully enclosed glide track system
  • Retro-fittable
  • Can be fitted to third-party enclosures
  • Solution can be reinstalled as data centre grows
Cold Aisle Containment 2

Cold Aisle Containment 3