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Data Centre Management

The Sensorium management platforms (DataCentre, ShoppingCentre, Office, Store and Home manager systems) each provide a method of monitoring and controlling intelligent building management, power monitoring and life safety systems via a Graphical User Interface within Internet Explorer. The D.C.M system is designed to provide customers with a manufacturer independent, open source, web native management platform to monitor and control the power consumption and environmental performance of their data centre environment.

At the heart of the D.C.M system is the Sensorium ™ iBMS communications server, a mature product that been in the marketplace since 1996, its communications architecture has been developed to enable communications with an ever increasing range of environmental, life safety and power monitoring systems, using proprietary and generic communications protocols over a number of
communications interfaces.

Decisive Benefits From Day One

  • Maximise Power Availability
  • Remote Server Rebooting
  • Validate Power & Environmental Performance
  • Online Asset Register & Documentation
  • Centralised Alarm Handling
  • Expand Revenue Opportunities
  • Minimise Staffing Levels
  • Compatible with other Intelligent Systems
  • Web Browser Client/Server User Interface

Data Centre Management Software

Flexible System Architecture

The Sensorium iBMS DataCentreManager communicates with local
and remote sites using agreed transmission methods and bandwidth.
Because it has extensible thin client/server architecture, Sensorium is
fully scaleable as your infrastructure grows. Performance is determined
ultimately by server, bandwidth and operator resources. With the
exception of CCTV applications bandwidth requirements for most
applications is very low and should easily be accommodated.

The Sensorium iBMS DataCentreManager is compatible with other
building systems, such as:

  • Access Control
  • Security & Intruder Alarm
  • CCTV
  • Power Monitoring – Mains, UPS & 48V
  • HVAC Plant
  • Fire & Smoke

Enabling information from different systems to be monitored,
displayed, logged and supervised centrally with cohesive alarm

A Proven Secure Solution

DataCentreManager is based around the iServe communications
server, a powerful data gathering engine that can communicate across
a wide range of network and hardware platforms using generic
and proprietary protocols to establish ‘real-time’, ‘bi-directional’
communications with the intelligent power monitoring, environmental
and life safety systems infrastructure of your premises.

The iServe communications server architecture has been developed
in such a way to provide ‘plug-in’ capability for applications that wish
to gather information from connected systems.These applications are
known as ‘Plug-Ins’.

Many of these ‘Plug-Ins’ were developed for specific tasks – such as
that used to monitor the Intelligent Power Monitoring Units. Others
tasks include alarm handling, Data Logging, displaying and adjusting
values from main power generation and HVAC plant.

The Sensorium iBMS DataCentreManager operates on open
standards – For example the Graphical User Interface is created
using HTML and based around Internet Explorer, Microsoft Active
Directory provides the security environment and the Client-Server
communications are based on the telnet protocol. In fact, Sensorium
makes extensive use of existing software, network and hardware
standards to achieve integration without “reinventing the wheel”.

The DataCentreManager web pages are constructed using industry
standard web-authoring software by application engineers skilled in
intelligent control and monitoring systems. Pages are branded to suite
client’s requirements and designed to in-house standards defined
through experience.

Data is automatically collected and archived into a database, normally
Microsoft’s SQL or Access, in formats that allow data mining and
report generation from third party applications (Crystal Reports,
Aperture etc)

Comms Configuration

Typical Floor Plan

Customisable Cabinet Power monitoring graphics

These examples demonstrate the flexibility of the user interface,
project specific displays can be easily created using industry standard
web authoring tools to match customer requirements

Customisable Cabinet Power Monitoring Graphics

Software Screen Shot

Consumption & Performance Graphics

Invoice Generation