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There are nine common types of power problems, shown in the left hand column below. The 3-5-9 concept clarifies what types of problems can be avoided with which solutions, and in which environment each solution is the most useful.

Prism’s Comprehensive range of UPS solutions

Eaton’s quality UPS Solutions and Prism’s next day service package has proven to be an exceptional offering for today’s IT industry.

Eaton have been protecting mission-critical operations since the days when a mainframe needed its own room. That’s over 40 years
of experience in the power quality and backup power protection industry. The result is an expansive product line with advanced solutions for any application, from desktops to data centres.

Eaton’s solutions include UPSs ranging from 300 VA to more than 4,000 kVA as well as DC Power Systems to suit any application. Our award-winning software and connectivity devices incorporate all the features you need to proactively manage your systems, from basic monitoring and shutdown to predictive analysis and power management. Whatever your industry, Eatons solutions deliver the answer with customised power management solutions backed with 7×24 Service support.

Series 3 UPS

Series 3 for non-critical applications

Basic solutions to protect non-critical hardware and data against three of the nine power problems. These UPSs operate in standby mode.

Series 5 for higher protection level

Intermediate solutions for office environment and servers featuring good communication options. These UPSs operate in line-interactive mode and provide protection against the five most common power problems.

Series 5 UPS

Series 9 for full power protection

These double-conversion UPSs with excellent connectivity and communication features provide full protection against all nine types of power problems.