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Series 3 UPS

“Solutions for Small Office and Home Office”

Eaton Series 3 UPS 1

Typical Applications

  • Standalone PC
  • Home equipment

With Eaton 3105 you can continue to write, make your presentations, update your accounts, surf the net or whatever else you do, even while others are re-booting their computers due to disturbance in utility power. If you have the software installed it automatically saves your files when the 3105 runs out of battery capacity. Both IEC models and Schuko models are bundled with USB cable as well as RJ 11 cable. With the Schuko model you get the power cable bundled while with the IEC model you get two IEC-IEC load cab.

Product Highlights

  • Available also with Schuko outlets
  • Equipped with Modem/DSL surge line protector
  • All you need included in the box

Eaton Series 3 UPS 3

Advanced Battery Management (ABMTM)

Advanced technology prevents premature failure and increases battery service life considerably. It’s available on Eaton’s 5115, 5125, 9120, 9125,
9155, 9305, 9370 and 9390.

Batteries are the most critical component in the reliability of any UPS, but they face three fundamental challenges:

  • All batteries need charging
  • Batteries take time to recharge
  • All batteries will eventually fail

Eaton’s exclusive ABM™ technology solves these UPS battery problems. It increases considerably the life of UPS batteries (Figure 1), provides the
fastest safe recharge time, and provides reliable advanced notice when the batteries need replacement. By increasing battery life and virtually eliminating this major cause of surprise load crashes.

Eaton Series 3 UPS 2

Eaton’s Hot Sync™ Technology

The absolute reliability of UPS system can be increased close to 100% with the patented Hot Sync™ parallel load sharing technology. It is designed
for parallel redundant N+1 systems to satisfy the 7/24h applications. The Hot Sync™ can also be used in parallel capacity systems to benefit from
the scalability for customer’s ever increasing load demands. Competitive UPS products on the market utilise centralised or distributed load sharing
technology with master-slave principle. The Hot Sync™ erases the single point of failure logic within the traditional load sharing systems because of the
ability to synchronise and support the critical load independently of the other UPS modules. The UPS modules can share a critical load even without any
communication wiring to outside world.

Eaton Series 3 UPS