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Series 5 UPS

“Solutions for the Office Environment”

Typical Applications

  • SOHO application
  • Office computers & workstations
  • Small office servers
  • Small storage equipment
  • Small RM servers
  • RM network devices
  • Small network equipment
  • Network devices

Series 5 UPS 1

Intermediate solutions for office environment and servers featuring good
communications options. These UPSs operate in line-interactive mode and
provide protection against the five most common power problems.

In offices, a crucial part of the work is stored on servers. With Eaton’s Series 5 UPS solutions (Tower or Rack) and LanSafe software protecting the server, business goes on while the UPS invisibly and automatically takes care that no data is lost due to power problems. If a total outage threatens to exceed the system’s backup time, LanSafe automatically shuts down the entire network in a predefined order. All this is possible without you having to be an IT expert. The system lets you concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

For your office requirements, including servers, PCs and peripherals,

Eaton Offers

  • 5110: For single office PC and workstation protection.
  • 5115: and 5125: For small office network including servers, hubs and routers, and small storage solutions.
  • 5115 RM: and 5125 RM: For small rackmounted office servers, hubs and routers and small RM storage solutions.


  • Connect UPS-EWeb / SNMP external adapter
  • Web/SNMP card
  • External battery cabinets
  • USB card
  • Relay card


Connectivity options offer maximum flexibility. The standard unit is equipped with USB and RS-232 serial ports to communicate with power management software. You can customise your UPS by adding an interface card for other applications:

  • Monitor the UPS from anywhere. Connect the UPS to the Ethernet network and Internet for secure monitoring and management using a standard Web browser or SNMP
  • Interwork with your existing Building Management System. A Modbus® Card enables real-time monitoring of UPS systems through a Building Management System or industrial Automation System.
  • Gather information from relay contact devices. Provide a dry-contact interface between the UPS and any relay-connected device, including the IBM® eServer® iSeries and a variety of industrial applications. Relay Interface Card.
  • Independently manage diverse servers. A Multi-Server Card enables up to six serially connected devices of mixed operating systems to be independently managed and controlled by a single UPS.

Series 5 UPS 2

Software Suite

Eaton offers a full line of shutdown and monitoring software products to
enhance the protection provided by its Eaton UPSs. The Software Suite,
conveniently packed on one CD ROM, follows every UPS free of charge.
It includes an Installation Wizard which makes it point-and-click easy to install
the appropriate UPS software.

Shutdown Software
LanSafe is a network shutdown software product that currently supports up to
20 operating systems. It ensures controlled sequential shutdown of the whole
network across platforms in case of a prolonged power failure.
LanSafe allows the shutdown of up to 64 = computers protected by a single
UPS. NetWatch is a shutdown agent for the ConnectUPS Web/ SNMP card.
It is a very compact piece of software, but still features powerful configuration
options for shutdown actions, timings and user notification. NetWatch is available
for Windows, Novell, MacOS X, and most Unix platforms including Linux.

Monitoring Software
PowerVision® is performance monitoring and trend analysis software for critical
UPSs and multiple UPSs in a network. It calculates trends and stores information
about the operation of the UPS device in its database. PowerVision’s alert
and notification behaviour is highly configurable, which makes it a great tool
for system administrators. Integrated shutdown controller module can host
hundreds of shutdown clients and it can also be used in case of paralleled UPSs.

PowerVision 4 comes in three packages:

  • Network Edition monitors multiple UPSs in the network.
  • Facility Edition which provides support for other equipment and more view
  • Enterprise Manager which adds a data view client and support for multiple
    PowerVision Facility or Network Editions.