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Tar Rack
The TAR rack has been designed by Prism to provide further solutions where high density server and data installations are required. The TAR rack allows high density solutions with a special emphasis on cable management so that even when densely populated cable and server changes are required they can be implemented without having to rework the original cable installation.
Efficient, Adaptable, Resilient
The TAR rack provides total access for cable and engineer whilst providing dedicated cabling routes for high density looms and server cabling. The centre management panel can be configured to meets the individual client’s requirements for cable management and power distribution. Removable rear access panel provide unrivalled access to the rear of equipment as well as ‘day two’ installations. This range is constructed using the FI frame construction which enables the frame to be light and accessible for the engineer.

19” Server Cabinet Typical Installation

  • Data centre / cabling installations

  • Independent data centre modules

Standard Features

  • A complete solution, which maximises network performance, and ensures its longevity

  • Variable sizes designed to utilize space within data centre

  • Aesthetically pleasing because of its uniformity and its streamlined nature

  • Overhead cable access apertures

  • Offers versatile configuration options, including extra vertical cable capacity

  • Can be provided in a flat pack format

  • Can accommodate all types of cabinet door solutions

  • Can be used on solid floors, plinths, or raised access floors

  • Durable powder coat finish, in four colours, protects against scratches and fingerprint damage

As with all FI based products within the data centre solutions category, the Tar rack can also accommodate the high density supplementary cooling units and cold aisle door applications. The flexibility extended to the individual client provides an avenue for bespoke installation without compromise. A full range of accessories are available including intelligent power options and overhead cable raceway systems.
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