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Big O
Prism’s Big ‘O’ advanced high density patching frame offers a dynamic solution to the challenges of cable management. It is designed to meet the evolving demands of high density cabling applications in the data centre field. It is user friendly, flexible and durable. The Big ‘O’ is easy to assemble, has a variety of configuration options, and guarantees the effective utilisation of available space. It promises your network protection, and peak performance.
Fi Big O High Density Patching Frame
he Big ‘O’ patching solution builds on the established foundation of the FI range of products and incorporates the key values and materials used. This product is available in a number of footprint sizes in single or double faced enclosures. The enclosures has been specifically chosen by today’s cable manufactures top accommodate and maintain to correct level of bend radius required for the high specification cabling systems. The internal cable channels are designed to accommodate the additional lengths supplied on all patch leads as well as providing access at a later date and throughout the life of the installation.

Benefits and Features

  • A complete solution which maximises network performance and ensures its longevity

  • An ideal platform for the effective management and organization of structured cabling equipment

  • Negates the need for horizontal cable management

  • Variable sizes designed to utilize space within data centre

  • Top trough with built-in waterfall ensures optimal patch cabling routing, and complementary bend radius control

  • User friendly and easy to assemble on-site

  • Can accommodate all types of cabinet door solutions

  • Can be used on solid floors, plinths, or raised access floors

  • Durable powder coat finish, in three colours, protects against
    scratches and fingerprint damage

Additional Options

  • Mesh or glass doors available, wardrobe or single piece design

  • Central double width cable management panel with central 2 prong plastic management and cable retaining arms

  • Lockable and split sliding slide panels available

  • Single end cable management panels with single and double depth cable rings

  • Overhead cable raceway systems

The core construction of the Big O provides the user with the maximum access for cable loom management and the integral ladder style racking manages these looms without damage. This enables today’s installer to ensure the cable are dressed in the correct fashion whilst allowing day two migration to be undertaken. The full range of single piece and wardrobe style doors are available as well as retro fittable sliding side panels. This provides the correct level of security required by the client for any application.
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